Marketing research is an essential strategic activity that can have a real impact on business. Marketing research is linked with analysing and identifying specific trends in the market in relation with a business idea or prospects. Your business, especially at starting and growing stage needs an in-depth understanding of the market for obvious reasons - you do not have first hand knowledge of the market. Most often than not, stat-ups fail due to lack of understanding about market conditions and consumers, or even consumer demand for certain products and services - you may even end up targeting the wrong people if you have made the tiniest misinformed decision. 

Our marketing research services are custom tailored to fit these needs of new and emerging business, although it is highly recommended to start-ups and companies launching new products and services. However, a service suitable for everyone who wants to get a grip on customers, competitors, market dynamics, competitive forces, and other factors shaping the market. Otherwise known as market intelligence, it is an essential ingredient in making strong and accurate decisions in business and marketing. Clients can:

  • Learn about markets before making a final decision whether to enter into the market or not
  • Identify and learn more about target consumers more prior to engaging in modification of existing products or development of new ones - save time and other resources
  • Explore and identify optimal channels for sales and distribution by analysing market dynamics and competing forces
  • Identify the level of brand recognition among consumers 
  • Identify consumers’ behaviours linked with consumption of specific services or product categories in specific markets

Hinab UK can provide your or your business with marketing research services that utilises extensive researching techniques such as customer and business surveys, market observation reports, and so on.