Its 21st century and businesses are increasingly becoming dependent on information, especially business related strategic information. Don’t worry, there are many solutions to gather and utilise such information for strategic advantage of your business, and we have expertise in such solutions and techniques. Since the inception of Hinab UK, we have been utilising strong analytic techniques to make decisions on how to market and promote our business and to make critical decisions related to our business and business model. 

We have used many tools ranging from Google Analytics and Kiss Metrics to independent solutions like PIWIK and such. On the other hand, there are other analytic tools beyond the web and web applications of your business, such as KNIME, NodeXL, OpenRefine, or Tableau; each of them differ according to their capability and usability, and also on their applicability in specific industry verticals. You need a business analytics solution and strategy for the following reasons.

  • Business environments have shifted from push to pull (consumer demand and market changes determine business growth and efficiency)
  • There is an increasing need for visual representation of data for quick and accurate decision-making
  • There is an increasing need for developing and practicing informed-decision making techniques for improving accuracy and quality of results
  • It is important for your business to analyse and visualise what your customers buy, when they consume specific products, how frequently they make such decisions, or how quickly you are dealing with customer service requests and such to improve your value proposition
  • To increase the visibility of information in your business
  • To improve your business’s offerings and operations with information available to your business

There are many benefits to using business analytics systems in business. Our services are aimed at consulting on what type of solutions you require, where do you require them, and to analyse and conclude at what degree such tools can deliver adequate information to assist you in making decisions. In simple terms, our team would conduct business wide analysis and recommend best tools, strategic implementation methods, and change techniques to implement the strategy, which is a top-to-bottom service to implement a business analytics system.