Hinab UK LTD

Hinab UK Ltd is a business consulting service located in Lincoln, England. We operate our business with integrity, aims to succeed in our strategic ventures and attain our goal to become a leading business consultants in the UK.

About Us

Founded in 2013, Hinab UK is relatively a young player in business consulting, is aimed at providing consulting services to new and existing businesses across the UK. The company was found with a vision of aiding start-ups and emerging businesses to meet their strategic goals through strategic advising services and activities. Hinab UK’s goal is to become a leading player in the business consulting area by 2020. The Company currently provide consulting services in the following areas:

  • Business Planning and Strategy
  • Human Resource Planning and Strategy
  • Digital Strategy
  • Financial and Investment Planning and Strategy
  • Marketing Research and Strategy

The Company’s reach is, however, not limited to a single industry domain; it ranges across several levels, from restaurants and small scale manufacturing businesses to software companies and communication agencies and so on. The Company expects to further expand its reach to related industries in coming years.